Waiting for those coals to heat your Eternal Smoke shisha can feel like a lifetime! We all know we can be a little impatient but it’s a crucial step to making sure your shisha is ideal! To help you out a little, we made a list of things you can do to make those eternal five minutes go by faster.

  1. Crack open a beer! 
  2. Swipe right a couple times on Tinder
  3. Go check what the score of the game is and watch a few plays while you’re at it
  4. Make yourself a sandwich
  5. Cook a classy ramen dinner
  6. Call them back, they miss you
  7. Have no one to call? Call us!
  8. Do 20 push ups. Repeat if necessary. 
  9. Catch pokemon
10. Practice your jedi skills 
11. Trim that beard
12. Manscape - don’t rush! 
13. Take the trash out
14. Answer a couple emails
15. What’s new on Instagram? 
16. Organize your plans for the next day
17. Floss your teeth
18. Check out our other delicious shisha flavors
19. Delete old meme screenshots on your phone
20. Drink some water
21. Read an Eternal Smoke Hookahology article
22. Check your bank account! 
23. Learn a word in another language 
24. Delete unused apps from your phone
25. Check your mailbox... you know the one outside

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