Don’t be that person! Learn how to act during your hookah session and ensure a second invite.

Be My Guest

Being invited into someone’s home means having to follow “House Rules”. Everyone has different customs and traditions and it’s important to be respectful of them and follow whatever set of rules your host might have.

Stick to Rotation

Don’t complicate this! The normal rotation is clockwise, to the person to the right of you in a circle.

Puff, Puff, Pass

If you are looking for an exact amount of time, consider 2 to 3 minutes per person per rotation- this will equal around 4-5 puffs, long enough to get a good taste of flavor. The average packed bowl of Eternal Smoke should last 1 to 2 hours, giving everyone in the rotation an equal amount of time. Remember, hookah is a social activity!

Don’t Kill My Vibe

Regardless if you can blow a smoke cloud worthy of the Eternal Dragon or if you like to “sip” your hookah, keep your smoke to yourself. No one likes the second hand taste of someone else’s smoke.

“I’m Open!”

It is custom to ALWAYS hold and pass your hose with your right hand (in some countries, the left hand is considered “unclean”). Also, when passing the hose, remove your mouthpiece tip (if needed) and pass the hose with the mouthpiece slightly angled away from the next smokers mouth.

Let It Burn!

When monitoring the coal, be gentle. A good smoking session is in part because of good coal maintenance. Occasionally, use tongs to tap the charcoal in the tray and knock off the build up of ash. Keep the coals hot and let it burn!

Slow & Steady

Whether you’re smoking or not, slow and steady wins the race. Be careful moving around the hookah! Remember it’s filled with water and hot coals, this is not something you want to spill over.


Smoking hookah is not a competition. Kick your feet up, play your favorite music, have a good conversation, relax and enjoy!


Don’t light a cigarette using a hookah coal, it may affect the flavor of the tobacco.
Don’t tug or push the hookah, it can cause it to fall.
Don’t share a plastic mouthpiece tip.
Don’t handle hot coals without tongs.
Don’t place charcoals directly on Eternal Smoke shisha. Learn proper hookah set up here!

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