By: Hugueth Galo

This article is meant to teach you how to properly pack a hookah bowl. This will guarantee you to get the most epic air flow during your smoke session, aka awesome smoke clouds. Just in case you’re not on pro level for packing a hookah bowl, we’ll give you some pro tips so you have an awesome smoke session every time.

The key to packing an epic hookah bowl is to have proper air flow; that will be the difference between a good and bad smoke session. When you’re packing a hookah bowl, make sure not to over pack it because it will restrict the airflow. Add some Eternal Smoke tobacco to the bowl and lightly pack it. Pro tip # 1, always have a quick air flow test after packing your hookah. Place your mouth under the bowl, where you would place it on the hookah. Try sucking in air using different strengths of air flow. If you feel any restrictions, try moving things around to create a better flow of air.

Once you have the perfect air flow, it’s time to cover the bowl using either foil paper or a heat management device (HMD). If you don’t know what an HMD is, you can read more about it here. Now, if you’re using foil paper, cover your bowl by placing a piece of foil over it. Make sure it’s tight at the top and do NOT let it touch the tobacco. Pro tip #2, adding paper to the bowl by pressing down on the sides will create an air chamber between your coal and tobacco. This is great for smooth smoke sessions but be careful because if the chamber is too thick, the air flow will be restricted causing a very light smoke session. So, make sure you adjust things to your liking. Once that’s done, make holes around the foil. Pro tip #3, have a second air flow test! The holes you created need to be large enough to have a fluid air flow but if they’re too large, it will make for a harsh, ashy smoke session. For the perfect hole size, try using a push pin. Once again, repeat the first air flow test, if you like how much air you’re getting, you’re ready to go. If you have an HMD you can skip this test because they guarantee perfect air flow each time and you can adjust it during your smoke session.

Now that you’re ready to pack your hookah bowl like a pro, try it out for yourself. Leave us a comment or send us a message letting us know how things worked out.

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