By: Hugueth Galo

As unlikely as it is that you haven’t joined the hookah craze we still felt it was necessary to explain one of the most important parts of hookah-ing. The hookah in itself has a lot more to it than just blowing smoke out of it. So, to help you out a little more, here is a guide to what a heat management device is and why you need to use it.

What is a Heat management device (HMD)?

Alright, so what exactly is a heat management device (HMD) and why do you need one? An HMD is an accessory used during your hookah smoke sessions to control the heat of your charcoal. The best material for an HMD is aluminum since it releases and distributes heat the best. Now, if you’re saying well, I use the regular ol’ tin foil and tobacco method and it works fine, why do I need this? The answer is easy; it’s simpler to use and it’s a much more efficient method than just tin foil. Forget about the days of having to cut tin foil and trying to place it as neatly as possible just so you have to do it over about a million times and then smoke it for an unsatisfying amount of time. An HMD will remove the hassle of this step in your hookah session and get you to sitting down, relaxing, and smoking much quicker. It’ll also save you a few bucks because it evenly and properly distributes the heat and flavor of your tobacco. This causes the tobacco to last as long as possible making your smoke session a long-lasting one. The really cool part is the amount of control you have over your tobacco with an HMD. Since the HMD allows you to control the amount of heat you put out, you decided just how much airflow interacts with your charcoal.

How to use an HMD?

Okay, so the beauty of an HMD is that it’s meant to make your hookah smoke session simpler. Once you’ve packed your bowl, simply place the HMD on your bowl. Forget about the tin foil, you won’t need it anymore. Once you’ve gotten that charcoal nice and hot, place it inside the HMD. At this point you just have to place the HMD lid on and give it a good five minutes to warm up your hookah tobacco. Finally, sit, relax and smoke away your problems. Oh, and if you need to adjust the heat at any point during your smoke session, you can do it by moving the lid on the HMD and letting the air flow in or out depending if you want to cool or heat it up more.

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